The Erathin Gods

In the Age of Divinity, gods walked among the mortal races, nations rising and falling at their whim. The circumstances that led to the rise of the Erathin Empire also led to the end of the Age of Divinity and the dawn of the Age of Man.

The Dragonborn nation of Ba’al was built on the cycle of war. They warred amongst themselves following a strict set of honor codes, but when they warred against the other races they were unconstrained by such limitations. Their cities and temples were constructed by the slaves they took as prizes from their neighbors. Their gods were powerful, and it seemed that nothing would be able to challenge their might.

It was the betrayal of Eas, one of the Dragonborn’s own gods, that allowed the Erathin Gods to rise from mere tribal deities into their true power. Eas drugged his fellow gods, lulling them into a deep sleep as he helped the Erathin gods to slip into the Temple to slay them. Somehow Marduk, the deposed king of the Dragonborn gods, fought off the drugs and refused to yield. He slew Amun, the Morning Lord, and chased Eas (his child) from the battlefield. Seshat was so moved by Marduk’s bravery that she ordered him spared, and eventually took him as her husband. Eas felt betrayed by the Erathin gods for allowing Marduk to live, and fought against them at every turn. It was when the mortal Paladin Ashemon slew Eas that the Age of Divinity truly ended. The gods abandoned the physical world and forged a pact that the divine would work only through mortal agents.

The Celestial Church

The primary gods of Eras represent aspects of the celestial forces. The male gods rule the divisions of the day, and the female gods order the dance of the moons.

The Male Gods: The day is divided into three equal periods, each the purview of a different god. Many activities are inclined to happen with the appropriate hours in order to gain the blessings of the ruling god. Travelers set out in the morning, court is held in the middle of the day, and contracts are signed as the sun sets.

  • Amun- Deceased- The human god of morning, slain during the destruction of the Dragonborn gods, and replaced by Marduk.
  • Marduk- Morning- The god of Journeys, Glory, and Wealth and the last living god of the Dragonborn.
  • Sokar- Day- The god of Judgement, Science, and Foresight.
  • Ash- Evening- The god of Politics, Barter, and Thievery.

The Female Gods: Two moons remain in the night sky, usually referred to as the Mother and the Crone. The first moon that rises is considered dominant, and most nights it leaves the sky before the second appears. When both moons share the sky the sky is considered full. The normal cycle is that the Mother is dominant for about nine days before it begins sharing the night sky with the Crone. For nine days the night remains full, and half way through the Crone takes dominance. The Crone retains its dominance for nine more nights after the full nights are over. This creates a moon cycle of about 27 nights.

  • Satet- Waxing- The goddess of Fertility, Birth, and Healing.
  • Heket- Waning- The goddess of Death, Wisdom, Peace.
  • Seshat- Full- The goddess of Magic, Mystery, Revelation.


The Fallen Gods of the Dragonborn

  • Tiamat- The Dragon Queen, and the mother of the Dragonborn gods. She represented rulership, tyranny, and order. She was most often shown as a dragon with 7 heads (gold, silver, copper, black, white, red, and blue).
  • Marduk- Gold – The one time husband of Tiamat and god of civilization, construction, & wisdom. He was replaced as Tiamat’s husband by Kingu. Typically shown as a massive Dragonborn.
  • Kingu- Black- Pictured as a full dragon, Kingu was the god of war, conquest, & slavery.
  • Sin- White- The goddess of memory, reflection, & the moons. She was pictured as a lithe Dragonborn with 3 eyes, each corresponding to one of the three moons (The maiden moon was destroyed when the Dragonborn gods were slain).
  • Eas- Silver- The god of magic and creativity, Eas was a patron to artists, mystics, and sorcerers. Images vary as to whether Eas is male or female.
  • Enlil- Blue- The god of earth and sky, and the patron of farmers and sailors. He is depicted holding lightning clutched in his hand.
  • Anu- Red – Lord of the forge, fire, and metal. Anu is shown wearing heavy armor, and a massive forge hammer.


Other Gods and Powers

  • The Anunnaki- A collection of tribal deities who are still worshipped in the Shifting Desert and the Kunieri Steppes. The human tribes who would not abandon these gods to support the Celestial Church were cursed- their bodies twisted into gnolls, goblins, and bugbears.
  • El- The Dwarves and many of their cousins hold to an ancient faith that they do not easily speak of. Their temples commonly bear the runes for El, which most assume is the name of their pantheon.

The Erathin Gods

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