Valentine Almilon

Shifter Paladin of Sokar


Valentine is a young man, but his broad shoulders and lanky frame suggest that will grow into a heroic stature. His features are blunt and unrefined, but possessed of a pleasant earnestness.

Valentine’s shaggy brown hair shines with honeyed highlights in the sun, and for all that it is thick and unkempt, there is a certain leonine grace to it. Coarse tufts of hair run like sideburns down to the angle of his jaw. His eyes are the main proof of his species: they are the deep blue of a mountain lake, with pupils that seem to reflect too much of the moonlight at night.


The Church of the Celestial Order in the remote provincial capital of Vil is the only home Valentine has known. Raised within the cloisters of the Order from a young age, he can only fleetingly recall the place of his birth: a sparse village nestled in the shadow of a mountain far to the south. Valentine’s mother fled their home, fearing the persecution and superstition that still held sway at the fringes of the Empire.

Though Vilae was the most remote and least cosmopolitan of the Provinces, the capital city of Vil was still a place of metropolitan wonders compared to the uncivilized south. Valentine’s mother, Dagmar, arrived with nothing but her child, some scraps of clothing, and a few coins in her purse. She immediately dedicated herself to the Church of Sa-tet. The Church embraced Dagmar, and helped her raise a child that was, it was whispered, the product of a terrible rape.

But there was never any doubt as to how Dagmar regarded her tiny son. Upon taking her vows she had him rechristened “Valentine”… love. The Church helped raise and educate him, and when he was old enough he didn’t hesitate in his choice to serve others. The young man eventually grew to become a Paladin of Sokar, and took his oath to help protect the weak from the superstitious dread and predation of the uncivilized world.

Valentine Almilon

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