The Enlightened Tyrant


The oldest son of Ashemon, Menes assumed power from him eight years ago. He has taken up the efforts of his father to make the Erathin Empire a shining example of civilization and technological advancement, and by all accounts surpassed it. He has made education freely available to nearly every citizen in the Empire. He has pushed for government reforms to reduce his own power and spread it amongst representatives of the citizenry, claiming that as the populace becomes more wise and well-informed they will have no need of tyrants, enlightened or otherwise.


Menes is a healthy looking man in his late 30s. He has four children- Khefra (16), the twins Akila and Musa (14), and Tarik (9). His wife died shortly after giving birth to Tarik, and since ascending the throne he has not found time to court any others.


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