The Mad God, The Betrayer


Eas was the Dragon God who betrayed his family, poisoning them so that the human gods who now comprise the Celestial Court could kill them. When his brother Marduk fought through the effects of the poison to stand alone against them, he earned the love of Seshat. His denouncement of Eas was enough to turn the Celestial Court against the Betrayer, and he fled the scene of his family’s slaughter.
Embittered by his rejection, Eas turned his clever mind to undermining the Celestial Court, sabotaging their plans and killing their followers. He was always one step ahead of his pursuers, until the ex-slave turned religious warrior Ashemon gathered his closest mortal allies and set out to deal with Eas.
Typically seen in the form of a great silver dragon, Eas was once the god of magic and creativity, the patron to artists, mystics, and sorcerers. Images vary as to whether Eas is male, female, or both.



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