Human Paladin- Slayer of the Dragonborn God Eas


Ashemon was a paladin of Amun, the Morning Lord. Born before the fall of the Dragonborn nation of Ba’al, he came to his calling while a slave in their mines. He patiently organized the slaves, setting aside caches of arms and supplies, and led a massive revolt.

The revolt was initially successful, the slaves captured the mine and were preparing to flee south with armaments and supplies when the god Kingu arrived. No amount of inspiration or organization could stand against the black dragon’s power, and the survivors of the revolt were returned to chains. Some believe that it was Ashemon’s prayers that drove the Erathin Gods to plot the death of the dragon gods. Others claim that Eas came to Ashemon in the mines, and offered his aid in defeating the other dragons.

When the dragon gods were slain, Ashemon led the human forces in freeing themselves from slavery, and in forging the alliance with the Dwarves and Elves that once shared their captivity. He was raised up as the leader of the new born Erathin Empire, as well as the Celestial Church.

After leading the Empire for 50 years (it is said that the gods gifted him with tremendous longevity for his service) he chose to step aside and let his eldest son, Menes take the Silver Throne. He withdrew from public life and countless rumors speculate on where he is and what he is doing.



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