Adonia Lysain


Adonia looks to be in her early 30s, a tall, slim woman with fairly generic features – neither particularly pretty, nor particularly ugly. She dresses in plain military style clothes, with one nod to her former wealth—a luxurious, dark green cloak with a gold brocade border.


Adonia is a early 30s woman from Ashera, known to be part of the powerful, wealthy house Lysain. The Lysain house are known for honoring Satet, and Satet’s Devotee of the Hours is her own aunt.

She grew up in luxury, wanting for nothing. When she was 20, she was married to a man from the house Trysain—an ancient offshoot branch of her own house. They were a happy couple, and devoted to each other, but their first child died in infancy, and the second she miscarried. Though she never speaks of it, it’s clear there was some sort of strain on the relationship after the miscarriage that led her to leave her husband and family behind and voyage to Tillith. It was there that she gave up all her wealth and devoted herself to the service of the realm, and was sent to the Goblin Wars.

During the war, she kept to herself, always gracious and friendly, but never seeking companionship. Though she wears no outward signs of her devotion, she can be heard praying to Satet on nights during the waxing mooon. Though she seems to have a conflicted devotion to the goddess as a result of her past, she proved to be a competent warlock during the Goblin wars.

Adonia Lysain

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