The Races of the Erathin Empire

The Erathin Empire is composed of many races, and has a culture where acceptance is assumed, so nearly any race can be encountered anywhere in the Empire. Here is a quick overview of the known races:

Humans- The most common race of the Empire, spread throughout all the provinces. Descended from the many tribes that fell under the Dragonborn lash, it was the gods of their largest tribes that eventually slew the Draconic Gods and led the rebellion.

Elves- The second most numerous race in the Empire, though they tend to seen far more in the Eastern provinces. Commonly believed to be have accompanied ancient Eladrin visitors, they stayed behind when the Spires shifted on to other worlds. Their sway over nature, and alliance with the Shifters, were critical in defeating the Dragonborn and in rebuilding civilization afterward.

Dwarves- While not a common race in the Empire, they were one of the only people not defeated by the Dragonborn. Their soldiers and supplies pressing in from the north proved invaluable in overthrowing the Dragonborn once their Draconic Gods has been slain. Still rarely encountered outside the vast city of Ilshofen, the Dwarves are a reclusive people.

Dragonborn- The third most common race. In spite of being descended from the brutal, slaving Empire that was overthrown, the Dragonborn are given equal standing as citizens of the Empire. They are a proud people who have worked hard to become pillars of the new world, in part driven by their desire to rise above the past.

Shifters- Hailing from the wilderness in Beyond Tillith and Vil, the shifters live along the unsettled border of the Empire. Their fierce hunters and noble warriors do battle with the chaos beyond civilization.

Gnomes- Clever and crafty, the Gnomes are most common in Garshen, where many of their kind hid in the hills and forest to avoid becoming slaves to the Dragonborn. They have helped establish Garshen as a leader in engineering and design.

Goliaths- Longtime allies of the Dwarves, the Goliaths live in the harsh mountains north of Ilshofen, where they are among the smallest of the Giant clans.

Half-Elves- Most common in Vil and Tillith, Half-Elves are considered twice blessed. While not common, their ties to two of the pillars of the Empire gives them many advantages.

Halflings- Found mostly near Galith, these small folk have a love of rivers and boats. While not often inspired to travel far from the rivers they call home, the exceptions seem to travel with a passion that takes them to all corners of the Empire.

Eladrin- Most Eladrin in the Empire are either those who were captured during the sack of the Feyspire hundreds of years ago, or the children of those Eladrin born after the fall of the Dragonborn Empire.

Minotaurs- The inhabitants of a series of islands in the great Thalassa Sea, the Minotaurs seem to have a potent connection with the powerful nature spirits around their home.

Changelings- These have been revealed to be the Fluid, a creation of the White Dragon God named Sin.

Warforged- Recently unveiled at the Erathin Exposition, these automatons are designed to protect the Empire so that its citizens can focus on art, philosophy, and science.

Tiefling- No demonic powers currently exist, so if such creatures exist they must do so in some other form.

Half-Orc- A child is either all orc or no orc.

Drow- There are pirates along the Western Coast who have been described as dark skinned Elves, but little is known of them.

Any of the other races either don’t exist in this world, are incredibly rare, or are from distant lands.

The Races of the Erathin Empire

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