The Erathin Empire

Life in the Empire

The Erathin Empire’s ruler is Menes, the oldest child of the god slayer Ashemon. He is jokingly referred to as the Enlightened Tyrant, as he has focused his will on provided for his people on a scale that is hard to imagine. Under his direction the colleges have been built, and admittance for anyone who can pass the entrance exams is free. He has passed laws promoting free speech and open philosophical debate, established provisions that provide medical care to nearly his entire populace, and sought to end discrimination amongst the melting pot of races that exist in the Empire. Even the Dragonborn, who not long ago held most of the intelligent races in chains, are given equal footing under the law.

Within the main body of the empire, poverty and hunger have been all but abolished, and citizens have the ability to access a host of public services in safety. Mechanical and magical advances provide luxury to the masses, and bring wealth from trade partners beyond the empire.

The Three Capitals

Three cities form the backbone of the Erathin Empire, as well as the alliance between the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.

The city of Ashera is the heart of the Erathin Empire. Built on the site of the old Dragonborn capital and largest of the slave camps, it has been transformed from a place of misery and hardship into the center of wealth, knowledge, and philosophy. As a gift to Ashemon, the gods turned the desert to fields of plenty, and called mighty rivers to provide sustenance to the land and trade to the newly founded city. Roads and waterways expand out from the city like the spokes of a great wheel, carrying trade and information across the empire. Engineers have begun the expansion of a rail system to unite the empire even faster.

To the north of Ashera is Ilshofen, the capitol city of mountainous provinces where Dwarves, Gnomes, and Giants make their homes. Vast shipments of metals and finely crafted goods flow into the Empire from Ilshofen, and many skilled tradesmen will travel here for the final semesters of their study.

To the southeast is the city of Tillith. Primarily run by an old alliance of elves and shape shifters, Tillith provides raw and worked wood from the Twilight Forest as well as rare herbs and flowers from the swamps to the south. In addition, the Tillian Society of Apothecaries is the source of some the greatest advancements in healing and the understanding of the biology of the races.

The Nine Provinces

There are a total of nine provinces within the empire, each named after their largest cities: The three capitals The Asheran Province, The Ilshofen Protectorate, and Tillianus, and then The Province of Fillon, Vilae, The Galithian Province, The Nantyr Province, The Fields of Shae, and The Garshen Province. Each are vassal states of the Empire, who have representatives on Emperor Menes’s cabinet of advisors. The Emperor has begun setting up a more formal legislative body that would fairly represent the provinces in the future.

The Fringes

At the fringes of the expanding empire, things are less idyllic. Much the expansion of the empire is done by those who cannot make things work within the more settled lands. Many criminals are given the chance to shorten and ease their convictions by working to expand the roads, way stations, and waterways that allow for swift trade. When their work is done they tend to settle in the smaller towns at villages at the edge of empire land, where the luxuries of city life lag behind. They choose the danger and effort of being outside the blanket of the empire’s protection for the freedom that accompanies it.

Beyond the Borders

Outside of the empire’s borders much of the land remains untamed. Creatures of legend, ancient temples to the dead Dragonborn gods, and tribes too savage to be civilized all roam here, and some are not keen on being pushed out by the expanding empire.

  • The Shifting Desert- During the reign of the Dragonborn, this desert was the home to several nomadic tribes of humans. Most of the tribes united in an attempt to resist the depredations of the Dragonborn slavers, and it was their tribal gods who rose to slay the gods of their oppressors. These united tribes moved north to form the city of Ashera and the heart of the Erathin Empire. The tribes who refused to unite against the slavers, or who held to the worship of other gods, were transformed by a powerful divine curse into Gnolls, Goblins, and other monstrous creatures.
  • The Kingdom of Draji- The elven city of Vil occasionally receives merchants from this distant Kingdom. The majority of traders are human, though with very strong, distinctive features. They do not mix much with the society of Vil, and have many strange customs about interactions with other peoples.
  • Morne- A strange country south of The Shifting Desert. Some communications with the predominantly human nation were established during the Goblin Wars, since they too share a border with the savages, but they have refused all attempts to open lines of trade by land or sea.

The Erathin Empire

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