The Celestial Order


The Sun

Because the day is divided into three equal periods, each overseen by a different god, society tends to arrange major tasks to correspond to the appropriate time of day. Travelers set out in the morning, court is held in the middle of the day, and contracts are signed at the end of the day. Players can receive a circumstance bonus to skill checks if they can find a way to justify their action reflecting the appropriate aspect of the current god.

The Moons

The night sky once contained three moons, which corresponded to the three eyes of the Dragonborn goddess Sin. When Sin’s eye was plucked out by the god Sokar, the third moon (The Maiden) crumbled. The glittering fragments can be seen along the track of its old orbit.

Two moons remain, the Mother and the Crone. The first moon that rises is considered dominant, and most nights it leaves the sky before the second appears. When both moons share the sky the sky is considered full. The normal cycle is that the Mother is dominant and leaves the sky before the Crone rises for about nine nights. For the next nine nights the sky remains full, and half way through the Crone takes dominance. The Crone retains its dominance for nine more nights after the full nights are over. There are sometimes a night or two with no visible moons before the cycle begins again.

The Stars

While the stars have long been used for navigation and divination, since the gods left the world the influence of several stars seem to have increased. Below is a list of the stars that astronomers have categorized as having strong influence. Philosophers argue as to whether these stars reflect sources of true sentience, once restrained by the presence of the gods, or if they are merely natural forces that were not properly observed before the rise of science.

  • Acamar: Acamar is a nearly dead star with a strangely irregular course across the sky. On the infrequent nights when it is visible to the naked eye, those exposed to its light report feelings of intense hunger coupled with thoughts of violence.

  • Caiphon: This purple star is visible on the horizon. It has the guise of a helpful guide star, but there are many tales of travelers who were led to strange places by its eerie light.

  • Delban: An ice-white star usually visible only during winter, Delban occasionally lets off an
    impromptu flare during any season. These flares often precede natural disasters.

  • Gibbeth: When this greenish point in the sky brightens, maddening nightmares are quite common.

  • Ihbar: A dark nebula between stars, Ihbar is slowly expanding and eating the light of neighboring constellations.

  • Imriel: This golden star is most prevalent in summer, and those under its light are stirred to create works of art and poetry.

  • Khirad: A piercing blue star, Khirad’s radiance sometimes reveals secrets and strange insights.

  • Palith: Palith inspired lust and fertility, before it was consumed by the nearby Caiphon.

  • Ulban: When Ulban’s blue-white light is not countered by the moons it disrupts cognition and the ability to recognize danger.

  • Zhudun: Another flickering and nearly dead star, Zhudun was last seen shining a baleful light on the night the Dragonborn gods were slain.

Other Realms

The Brightlands- The lands of the recently dead. Students of such realms believe they can be reached by the living in places where bright moonlight from the Crone falls into a place of darkness. Visions of this realms reveal golden plains lit by an eternally setting sun lead to a vast lake. Open air buildings of grand marble pillars dot the area around the lake, with benches and tables set to overlook the lake. Hazy images sometimes gather around the lake, with half-heard whispers filling the air like the memory of conversation.

The Feywild- A land of primal nature, it is rumored that an unwary traveler might stumble into this land by looking too closely in their reflection in a perfectly still lake, or when lighting reveals their reflection in sheeting rain. Tales tell of a forest with trees so large that smaller forests form along their branches, and savage beasts bear the intellect of men.

The Elemental Chaos- An endlessly shifting realm where earth, wind, water, and flame are locked in constant struggle. Folklore claims that many natural disasters are caused when the Elemental Chaos brushes up against the Mortal World.

The Astral Sea- Little is known of the dark void that holds the stars, but it is believed that it borders all other realms, and that the stars shine upon each from the same vantage.

The Celestial Order

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