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The Age of Divinity has ended, and the Age of Man has begun.

It has been three generations since the human paladin Ashemon slew the betrayer god Eas, and convinced the others to leave the mortal realm. Some feared that when the gods withdrew from the physical world that the mortal races would flounder, but the Erathin Empire has flourished. Great works of architecture, schools of academic and mystical thought, and an enlightened government that serves its people – the proof that mankind can stand on its own.

The world of Eris is on the verge of a golden age of human achievement, but the forces that once ruled the world may not give way without a struggle.

The Erathin Empire

The Erathin Gods

The Celestial Order

Magic and Technology

An Outsider’s Guide to Dwarven Culture

The Races of the Empire

The Erathin Exposition

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Main Page

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