Campaign Details


The campaign will be set on the fringes of The Erathin Empire, where the golden age of humanity has not yet taken solid root. It is somewhat inspired by Supernatural and Fringe, in that the players will be members of The Quiet Men, an undercover police/military order sent to deal with the sort of strange events that could threaten the borders of the empire. While there will be plenty of combat, I’ll be trying to make investigation, skill use, and roleplay large factors in the game as well.

I’d like the PCs to have all served, in one role or another, during a short war against a group of savage Goblin tribes to the southwest. This is where you would have caught the eye of Lieutenant Commander Sasumon, who oversees the operations of The Quiet Men. You have each met her at least once, when you were inducted into her service. Since then, your orders all come from her via the field communication receiver.

Character Creation

I’ll start folks at first level, though we will likely spend only a single game at the first few levels. I like the fact that the game is playable at this level, and think it will be helpful for folks to develop individual and group tactics as their power ramps up. I have a series of story arcs in mind that will extend to 30th level, so if folks stays interested we should be able to see the full breadth of the game.

Most races and classes will be allowed, though some may need to be rejiggered to fit the setting.

I will be using a variant on inherent bonuses- Every level you will choose to gain a bonus to AC, Hit and Damage, or Defenses. You can only repeat a choice once you have all three. This will keep the math a bit more consistent with the advancement you would get if using the standard magic item distribution, and gives you a little bit of choice as to what is most important to you when you advance.

Magic ‘items’ you are given will most often represent an expression of your PC’s growing abilities rather than actual items…you won’t stumble across a radiant sword, you will manifest the ability to make the sword in your hand glow with radiant power, etc. We will still use item slots, since they preserve game balance and limit item stacking. It is only a thematic change, but I think it will fit the setting better.

Astrological Signs

I’ll be using themes (from Dark Sun as well as the new themes) to represent the manifestation of each PC’s astrological sign, and to reflect the power that the celestial order has upon the world.

Character History

I’d like at least a short paragraph describing your PC and their history. In addition, if you complete any 5 of the following items (You can double up, where appropriate) you will start with a magic item, and will get a bonus item every 5 levels:

  • Mysterious Past- You provide me with a few ideas for something in your character’s past that the PC is not wholly aware of. I will shift the details to fit it into the setting and overarching plot (and to add elements of mystery for the player as well as the PC).

  • Dark Secret- Detail a secret that your PC has that they don’t wish the other PCs or the world at large to discover, along with how they will be changed if the secret comes to light.

  • Family Bios- Detail several family members in a way that may make them useful story elements or motivators. They can have wealth, influence, or notoriety in whatever measures best fits the story.

  • Setting Elements- Create a location, society, phenomena, or other addition to the setting that will help round out the world. Anything from crazed cultists to a strange memory altering fog, as long as it has enough detail to add something to the campaign.

  • NPCs- Create two interesting characters who will fit into the world, and help to draw the players in.

  • Background Ties- Establish how your character knows at least one of the other PCs, and how your PC feels about them/why they work together.

Wish Lists

I’ll want you to create a wishlist of magic items you want, so I can get a feel for what you want your PC to be able to do. The lists won’t be a guarantee, but will steer some of what you unlock or acquire.

Campaign Details

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