The city of Ashera is the center of the Empire in more than just geographical terms. Roads and waterways stretch out from the city, carrying its cultural and scientific advancements out to the Empire at large, and drawing in wealth and trade.

The massive ziggurat built by the Dragonborn remains in the center of the city, its wondrous Garden of the Sky now open to every citizen. The interior has been transformed from a temple to a museum, holding artifacts from the Dragonborn Oppression, works of art and from every corner of the empire, and even pieces from the cultures beyond the Empire.


Beyond the ziggurat, little sign of the old Ba’al Nation remains. Erathin architecture is constantly advancing, and many sections of the city are sites of new construction or renovation under the guidance of the Grand Order of Freemasons. Only the most impressive examples of a particular style are preserved, and so in a short walk you can pass through a myriad of distinct periods of architecture.


Places of Note:

  • The Grand Archive- The largest library in the known world, open to all for study.
  • The Five Academies- A college of learning that provides free education to any who can prove they understand the fundamentals of one of their programs. Originally founded by learned scholars in five fields, the name no longer truly fits as they have expanded to over a score of programs including agriculture, astronomy, magical theory, and engineering.
  • The Celestial College of Medicine- Founded by the Devotees of the Hour, this campus is focused on research into the health and well being of all sentient life. In addition to numerous classrooms and labs, there is also a practicing hospital with a focus on child birth.


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