The goddess of Fertility, Birth, and Healing


The lunar goddesses are sometimes referred to as The Mysteries, as befits those whose origins and worship are so fluid. Sa-tet is often referred to as the mother of the gods, and there are tales of her giving birth to most of the other gods. Yet she is also called the Youngest Sister, and both Heket and Seshat are depicted as being older than her. Other stories claim that there is a single goddess who wears many faces, though they were seen together quite often when they walked the earth.

Sa-tet’s church has helped to establish the growing study of biology and medicine, and the spread of care throughout the Empire, for it is said that she loves all her children equally. The creation of the lush fields that surround the city of Ashera was he final act before withdrawing from the mortal realm. The crops that grown there are incredibly robust, and seeds and cuttings are regularly used to start new crops near most of the major cities.



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