Ozmian StoneOak

Dwarven Fighter


Ozmian, called Oz by friend and foe alike, is a stout dwarf male in the last few years of youth and taking the first few steps towards middle age. Oz has rich amber/brown hair that is bound in several thick braids along the back and sides of his head; skinned bronzed by the sun of years of campaigning and clear stone grey eyes flecked with bands of blue which is is a heritage of his familya nd clan. He generally wears heavy plate of metal and the stonewood of his clan’s crafting, etched with sigils and runes of the Makers of the StoneOak line. He has an easy smile, a ready laugh and a flashing temper that is quick to spark and just as clean once it runs its course.


Ozmian and his twin brother Indium were born into the StoneOak Clan of the Dwarves of the Ilshofen region. Their loving mother remains there even after Ozmian’s father’s death many years ago in a cave exploring accident. Raised by their mother Iridia’s influence as well as the stern hand of their father’s brother and warleader of the StoneOak Clan, Underthane Rohgar StoneOak. Oz and his twin brother Indium were trained in the strictures of their worship of the Dwarven God El and the culture of their people. Oz grew to be the tempestous vocal one of the two, his brother Indium the thoughtful and reflective member of the duo. Inseperable and loving of each other the two grew from children to strong young men who soon joined the ranks of the Clansgard, the military unit fielded by the various Clans of Ilshofen.

While Oz’s innate fire and skill drew the attention and acclaim of his peers and superiors, Indium’s wisdom and insight was also highly regarded even if his talents were not as great in the art of direct warfare. Sadly during a skirmish with the bandits and renegades the commander of their unit, Major Dorrick CoalEmber a member of a rival Clan, chose to misallocate troops and unnecessarily risked the dwarves of the StoneOak twins unit committing them to slaughter.

Ozmian survived the slaughter of his squad with a few others and fell in with the survivors of Indium’ squad. During the conflict and with extreme heroism they bandied together and pushed back the forces long enough so that the reserves could arrive. Sadly during the conflict along with the many dead, several were wounded badly including Indium who suffered a spear to the spine which while not killing him did result in being paralyzed from the legs down. The battered and bloodied survivors eventually made their way back to the rest of the troop, and the Major attempted to congratule them on their success, Ozmian in a fit of rage punched Dorric and knocked him unconcious before being arrested by the stunned guards.

After his outburst he was thrown in the military brig and was even brought up on charges. Due to the influence of his uncle and his heroic actions during the actions in question he was ejected from the Clansgard and temporarily banished as opposed to hung for his actions. While furious with his nephew, Rohgar understood Oz’s temper and his reasons and sheltered him as best he could. Even as Oz was prepared to leave the heartland of the Dwarves and enter the service to the Empire at the behest of his Uncle, he was able to spend some time with his brother and insure that Indium was well taken care of. Before leaving Iridia passed on to Oz his father’s arms and armor as well as the attuned StoneOak weapons and arms as well. And so Oz left and headed to the border lands to join with the soldiers of the Empire and his destiny.

Ozmian StoneOak

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