The god of Journeys, Glory, and Wealth and the last living god of the Dragonborn.


Marduk was once the husband to Tiamat, but it is said that his desire to lead the Dragonborn to greatness clashed with her desire to glut herself on the rabid devotion of savagery. He was displaced by the brutal Kingu, with whom no such conflict could occur, and struggled to bring something of greatness into the nation of Ba’al.

Religious scholars and historians believe that Marduk once worked with Eas, and occasionally Sin, to inspire the Dragonborn to look beyond war and tyranny and to create. The three of them are likely responsible for what advancement the Dragonborn achieved, though nearly all such advancements were eventually made into a way to drive the war machine’s expansion.

Whatever alliance that may have existed did not survive the treachery of Eas. Marduk was also poisoned, though he found the strength to rise to battle in spite of the weakness it brought on. He locked his jaws upon the throat of Amun, and flames of gold reduced the god to cinders. Marduk stumbled after Eas, who fled rather than face his wounded, poisoned brother in battle. The human gods were so impressed by his valor that they allowed him to live, and after Seshat mourned Amun, she eventually took Marduk as her husband. He replaced Amun in the Celestial Church, and his influence is believed to have helped reintegrate the Dragonborn into society peacefully.



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