Minotaur Seeker


Katharos is a young male minotaur. He dresses in carefully-kept military uniform except when under cover. He wields large, weighted and balanced nets in combat entangling his foes so that his squadmates can engage with greater safety.


Katharos is a relatively young male minotaur from the island of Eidos in the Thalassa Sea. From a young age he worked in the small fishing village that supported a community of mystics who communed with the primal spirits of the island and the surrounding sea. He fished with his father upon the mercurial waters, using the great strength of his race to haul the nets and the wisdom of a people long accustomed to the vagaries of the Thalassa to find the shoals the island needed for its sustenance. One day, however, his wisdom failed him. One of the sudden storms that occasionally racks the Thalassa blew up and neither he nor his father could keep their fishing vessel afloat. Cast overboard in the seething violence, he found himself entangled in a mess of nets, rigging, and splintered wood, the cold pure waters entering his lungs. He blacked out. The spirits of the lake came to him then. What they said, he can no longer remember. When he awoke, he was still entangled in netting, but cast upon the sandy shores of Eidos. He felt the spirits of the storm simmering inside him, as well as the power of the earth and growing things. He knew then that he had been chosen, for a purpose he could no longer recall, to play a larger role in the world than that of fisherman. He stayed for his father’s funeral, but then left to join the holy army of Ashera hoping that in service to the empire he could discover the greater purpose the spirits have in mind for him.


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