Grouse / General Goran

Former Goblin Tactician


Level 9 Bard / Commander

Incremental Advances:

STR 18 / +4
DEX 14 / +2
CON 14 / +2
INT 16 / +3 (+5)
WIS 8 / -1
CHA 18 / +4

HP: 180 (7 + Con x 20)
Recoveries: 8 (1d8xLvl) +2 (CON)

Command Points: 1 (start of battle) +

25 AC (12 +2 +9 +2)
23 PD (10 +2 +9 +2)
26 MD (12 +3 +9 +2)

Icon Dice:
Argent the Panegyric: 4
Web of Whispers / Goblin People: 2

Warlord 4
Student of Argent 6

Small: +2 vs. Opportunity Attacks
Shifty: 1x/battle may pop-free

Bard Talents
Battle Skald:
Increase the number of battle cries you know by one. The bonus battle cry can be from your highest possible level.
Adventurer Feat: One battle per day, you can use your battle cries to help yourself.

Jack of Spells:
Choose another spell-casting character class (Cleric). You can choose one spell from the spell list of that class, of your own level or lower, as an extra spell you know how to cast. You can even improve the spell you’ve jacked by taking its feats up to your tier, if it has any. This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count. You can’t jack spells that come from class talents. (See Spells Below)


  • Take two additional points of backgrounds; you can use these additional points to raise a background that has something to do with history, bardic lore, or magical knowledge up to the usually impossible rating of +6.
  • Take a single point of relationship with (Argent).

Commander Talents:
Fight from the Front:
When you hit with a commander melee attack during your turn, gain 1d3 command points.

Weigh the Odds:
Standard action
Effect: Gain 1d4 command points.
Adventurer Feat: Once per day, add your Charisma modifier to the number of command points you gain when you use this action.

Battle Captain:
Once per battle when you have 2 or more command points left after giving a command, you can use another interrupt action on a different ally’s turn before the start of your next turn.

Destined to Lead:
When you roll a 5 or 6 on an icon relationship die, you gain 2 bonus command points that last until the end of the current game session, no matter what events occur due to the advantage gained with that icon.

Forceful Command:
When you give a command that lets an ally roll a d20 (an attack, a save, etc.), you can spend additional command points before the roll up to the escalation die value, or 1 point if the escalation die is still 0. That ally gains a +2 bonus to the roll for each point you spend this way.

Never Say Die:
Once per battle when an enemy scores a critical hit against you or a nearby ally, you can increase the escalation die by 1.

Battle Cries

Pull it Together!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural 11+, or Natural even roll; use only twice per battle
Effect: One nearby ally can heal using a recovery, +1d10/point on the escalation die
Adventurer Feat: The target adds +1d6 healing per point on the escalation die.
Champion Feat: The attack can now also trigger on any natural even roll; the extra healing is now +1d6 per point.
Epic Feat: You can use Pull It Together three times per battle; the extra healing is now +1d10 per point.

We Need You!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural even hit
Effect: A nearby conscious ally can roll a save against a save ends effect.

Hang Tough!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural odd roll
Effect: Give a nearby ally temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier (4).

Take Heart!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Any hit
Effect: Choose a nearby ally. That ally can roll a save against a save ends effect OR roll a normal save against a condition that has a duration that lasts until the end or beginning of a turn.

Victory is Ours!
Flexible melee attack
Triggering Roll: Natural 16+ if the escalation die is 3+; otherwise natural 20
Effect: A nearby ally can heal using a recovery, and three nearby allies gain a +3d6 damage bonus to their next damage roll this battle.
Champion Feat: The battle cry can now trigger when the escalation die is 3+ instead of 5+.

They Fall Before Us!
Flexible melee attack
Special: You can use this battle cry only on your turn.
Triggering Roll: Natural 20
Effect: A nearby ally can make a basic attack as a free action.

Spells and Songs

Battle Chant:
Ranged spell
Special: When you use battle chant, you can choose any battle cry effect you know as if you were making a basic melee attack, with the battle chant attack roll taking the place of the basic melee attack roll.
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Charisma (4) + Level (9) ( +3 for Staff) vs. MD
Hit: 6d6 +14 ( +3 for Staff) damage.
(9th level spell 10d6 damage.)
Adventurer Feat: Your battle chant damage dice are now d6s instead of d4s.

Charm Person:
Ranged spell
Target: One nearby creature with 160 hp or fewer
Special: This spell cannot be cast in combat or on a target that has rolled initiative to fight.
Attack: Charisma (4) + Level (9) vs. MD
Hit: The target believes you are their friend until you or your allies take hostile action against them (attacking their normal allies is okay). The spell works best as a type of pacifier; if you or your allies attack the target or order the target to attack its normal allies, the target can roll a normal save to break the charm effect during its turn each round.
Special: On a miss, the spell is not detectible by most others unless you miss by 4+ or roll a natural 1, in which case the target and its allies knows what you tried to do and will usually be angry about it.
(9th level spell Target with 266 hp or fewer.)

Wild Heal:
Ranged spell
Targets: Two random nearby allies. Choose the targets randomly from all nearby allies (including you) who are damaged.
Effect: Each target can heal using a recovery, +15.
9th level spell Add +25 hp to the recovery.

Mighty Healing (Cleric):
Ranged spell
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One near or far ally can heal using a single recovery and regain triple the usual number of hit points.
Cast for broad effect: Choose up to three near or far creatures (including you); each target can heal using a recovery at 150%.
(9th level spell Recoveries provided by the spell are now free.)

Song of Aid:
Bardic song
Quick action each turn; 9+ to sustain
Opening & Sustained Effect: You or a nearby ally gains 7d6 temporary hit points.
Final Verse: One target that gained temporary hit points can also heal using a free recovery.
(9th level song 9d8 temporary hit points; sustain the song on a 7+.)

Song of Magic:
Bardic song
Quick action each turn; 16+ to sustain bonus equal to escalation die
Opening & Sustained Effect: Until the start of your next turn, you and your nearby allies who cast spells that are normally expended by being cast can roll a d20 after casting the spell; on a 16+, the spell is not expended.
Final Verse: All spells you and your allies cast before the start of your next turn gain a +2 attack bonus.
(9th level song Rolls to retain expended spells gain a bonus equal to the escalation die.)

Song of Blood & Legends
Bardic song
Standard action each turn; 16+ to sustain
Opening & Sustained Effect: Each nearby ally who hits at least one enemy with an attack during their turn can heal using a recovery.
Final Verse: One nearby ally can make a basic attack as a free action and heal using a recovery if the attack hits at least one target.
(9th level song The recovery granted by the final verse attack is free.)

Commands and Tactics

Rally Now:
Interrupt action
Cost: 1 command point
Target: One nearby ally (on the ally’s turn)
Special: If you spend an additional command point on this command, you can target an unconscious ally with it.
Effect: The target can rally as a free action this turn. (If it’s their second or a subsequent rally, they still need to succeed on the save.)

Try Again:
Interrupt action
Cost: 2 command points
Target: One nearby ally that made an attack roll (on that ally’s turn)
Effect: The target can reroll the attack but must use the new result.

Hit Harder:
Interrupt action
Cost: 1 command point
Target: One nearby ally who hits with an attack (on the ally’s turn)
Effect: The target can reroll any of the damage dice. They must accept the rerolled result.

Strike Here!
Interrupt action
Cost: 4 command points
Target: One ally engaged with an enemy you are engaged with (on the ally’s turn)
Effect: The target can take an extra standard action this turn.

We’ve Got Your Back!
Interrupt action
Cost: 1 command point
Target: One nearby confused, dazed, or weakened ally (at the start of the ally’s turn)
Effect: Roll a d20. On a 11+, the target ignores the effects of one of those conditions (confused, dazed, weakened) this turn. On a 16+, the condition ends instead.

Just Stay Calm:
Quick action
When the escalation die is 2+
Recharge 16+ after battle
Effect: Decrease the escalation die by 1. Then 1d3 of your nearby allies can heal using a recovery.

Advanced Tactical Strike:
Quick action
Recharge 16+ after battle
Target: One nearby ally
Effect: The target can make an at-will attack as a free action.

Buck Up!
Quick action
Recharge 16+ after battle
Targets: You and 1d4 nearby allies
Effect: Each target gains temporary hit points equal to the average number of hit points it gains when it heals using a recovery.

On Your Feet, Maggots!
Quick action
Recharge 16+ after battle
Targets: Up to two allies who are staggered or at 0 hit points or below.
Effect: The target can heal using two recoveries but is dazed until the end of its next turn.
Champion Feat: If the escalation die is 3+, there is no dazed effect.
Epic Feat: This tactic now targets up to 1d4 + 1 allies.

Magic Items
Cloak of Argent the Panegyric:
+2 to escape bonds or grapples, +2 to Open Locks
1x/day – Teleport nearby as move action
1x/encounter – Teleport adjacent to ally you can see as move action
1x/day – When hit by attack, teleport nearby + combat advantage vs. attacker until next turn
1x/day – 1 person in party can use Attack Int/Wis/Cha vs. MD. Effect: target disappears

Staff of Argent:
+3 to hit and damage with spells / arcane attacks
One 4 on the Icon dice for Argent becomes a 5, Recharge 16+. If no 4 was rolled, recharges automatically.

Lore Bottle:
+2 to all INT based skill checks

Ring of the Tower’s Defense:
When take damage, ignore 10 of it. Recharge 6+

Magic Harp:
Upon failing to sustain a Song, the harp permits one more round of the sustained effect before coming to the final verse.

Ring of Seeing:
Can see through the ring

Bag of Holding
Acamar scroll
A couple thousand gold
Assorted random stuff accumulated over many months of adventuring.


Grouse has the gnarled stature and green skin of his kind, but he carries it well. He dresses in well-made, well-fitted clothes. He speaks the language of the Empire excellently, and is capable of holding deep discourse philosophically. He tends to act with deference toward those who have not been cursed by the gods.

Goblins, as befits their curse, often wallow in savagery and madness. Grouse was always an odd one. He was curious, intelligent, and a natural leader. He saw, in the goblin wars, how his people could be unified to a single purpose, but understood on a level beyond most of his ilk that this semblance of civilization could only hold together as long as the Great Khan lived. The Empire, however, was built on ideals, philosophy, religion, and other abstract principles his fellow goblinoids couldn’t understand or explicitly rejected.

When he saw the immense display of power and magic from the mage tower of Argent the Panegyric, he knew that his people and what passed for “culture” among them, was doomed. The Empire was the way of the future. Using all his charisma and cunning he defected from the Khan’s army and joined Argent’s service. His intel helped further rout the goblinoids, and he spent some years in the tower absorbing everything he could on the Empire’s history, religion, and arcane secrets. When Argent left the tower, Grouse came with him to help the old man with his day-to-day needs.

Grouse was instrumental in breaking the curse upon his people. Now a fit human man, he is still adjusting to being hale and strong of body and no longer a twisted monstrosity.

Grouse / General Goran

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