Dagmar Almilōn

Shifter Cleric of Satet


Dagmar Almilōn might have been a great beauty, were it not for the disfiguring scar running across her left cheek, drawing the corner of her lips into an unconscious sneer and puckering the skin in a wide, ugly line. She got the wound while attempting to free a fox from a game-trap; quite against the wishes of her father who laid the trap to save his fowl.

But Dagmar was always soft-hearted and though the frightened animal maimed her in its pain and fear, she forgave it far more swiftly than her father forgave her. She chose to give up the harshness of her home and family to find a better place to start her own family.

When she left The Tyrsfjell Mountains for the city of Vil, the Celestial Church was an obvious place for her to enter service. Dagmar is now a Cleric of Sa-tet; renowned more for her gentleness, kindness, and patience than for any particular divine power. She has found a home in Vil, and a family within the church.


Dagmar Almilōn

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