Argent the Panegyric

A human looking male peers back at you with wisdom in his eyes and power in his bearing. With an undefinable age, perhaps the best description is mythic.


Argent the Panegyric is an older man of magic dressed in the trappings of his profession. Wi th a pointy hat and a robe of moons and stars he has left his tower in order to venture yet again into the world. Having survived the last 1200 years, Argent has magical powers and knowledge that will aid his companions in the service of the world’s new masters – Man.


There are many who have never known a time without Argent in his tower. Stories passed down from great grand parents tell stories of the Great Argent and his protection of the land. A mythic figure of untold power, it is rumored that he has emerged from his centuries old dwelling to aid mankind in their new quest to control the world. Cross him at your own peril for he may draw upon powers as old as the gods to deal with your insults.

Argent the Panegyric

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