Deceased- Previous Lord of Morning


Amun- Deceased- The human god of morning, who was slain by Marduk during the slaughter of the Dragonborn gods. He was the god of Journeys, Sacrifice, and Victory, and was picture as an aged but hearty man with wise features. In his right hand he held a golden rod, and in his left a silver sword.

Marduk has assumed the mantle of the god of morning, in order to preserve the balance of the Celestial Church. His origins have not made him the most popular of the gods, his church is still active and respected.

Ashemon, the First Emperor and god slayer, is a paladin in service to Amun. While he has continued to be active in the Church of the Morning, he does not wear the symbol of Marduk, nor has he ever been heard to utter prayers to anyone but his dead god.



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