The goddess of Death, Wisdom, and Peace


Heket is sometimes referred to as the Oldest Sister. Her church oversees funeral rites, and welcomes the elderly to live within her temples where they can be cared for as they contemplate the end of their lives. A great deal of brilliant philosophy comes out of the temples, and many people from all stations will come to the temples to ask advise from these lay councils.

While she is the goddess of death, there is no true afterlife as part of the Celestial Church. When creatures die their souls return to a sort of pool of divine energy from which all new life draws. The followers of Heket claim that the wisdom and experiences of everything that dies enriches that pool, allowing life to slowly evolve to higher states. This is why undead aren’t a big part of the cosmology. There is no plane of death for such creatures to draw upon, so aside from a few rare tales of someone of such a monstrous will to continue that they become half-decayed monsters, the dead sleep peacefully.



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