The Age of Man

Episodes 10 & 11- A Problem With Pirates

Celestial Event- Over the last month or so, the fickle guide star Caiphon and Palith, the star of lust and fertility, have been growing closer in the night sky. Now, it seems as if Caiphon is devouring Palith, growing brighter as the star of lust begins to flicker and die.

The Quiet Men arrive at their meeting with those who claim to be able to supply them with 2 creates of the highly addictive night ivy that has been hitting the city streets. There contact was a sun-blackened Elven pirate. No one was terribly surprised when the pirate and his hidden companions attempted to murder the Quiet Men for the money, rather than make an honest trade.

In a brutal battle, our heroes manage to kill or capture their ambushers, while keeping Valentine from giving in to his addiction to the ivy. They were told that the drugs were on the Dark Gull, but figured out that he was misleading them in an attempt to distract them from the Albatross, where the drugs were actually hidden. The battle weary heroes turned over the prisoners to Inspector Kyri, and raced to the docks with some of the guardsmen.

When they arrived the Dark Gull and the Albatross had both slipped away from the docks, and ropes of fire blocked most of the ships from being able to pursue them. Casting a careful eye over their options, Grouse realized that what they had originally mistaken for a shallow barge was the flat deck of Captain Gnomo’s submersible. They commandeered the vessel, and slipped under the fire and the Gull to close on the Albatross. Grouse began a mystic ritual to call forth winds, while the others went up to the flat deck to rain attacks upon the Albatross, hoping to sloww it’s escape long enough for Grouse rite to give them the conditions they needed to unleash their Kraken seed without endangering themselves and Gnomo.

Argent and Adonia rained magic down upon the sails and the crew of the Albatross, while Oz drew as much of the Drow’s fire as he could. As the Albatross began to slow, the captain of the Albatross drew out a blowgun looking device, and launched his own kraken seed in an arc past the submersible. Oz threw himself off the submersible and struck the seed as it was just a few feet from the water, knocking it into the water right at the base of the Albatross’ hull.

The Kraken burst forth, lifting the entire stern of the boat out of the water as it’s tentacles wrapped around the boat…while others lashed out toward the submersible. The captain of the vessel ducked into the hold of the ship, his purpose unknown.

Oz, dragging behind the sub like a fishing lure, managed to barely twist out of harm’s way. Everyone scrambled to fire parting shots as they dragged Oz up, and then fled inside. Gnomo forced the sub to dive deep, and the sound of the hull straining under the weight wasn’t enough to cover the sounds of destruction above.

After they waited out the kraken, they surface to see the shattered pieces of the Albatross sinking below the waves. Several chunks of the pier had also been torn apart before the creature expired. Witnesses reported that the Dark Gull had sailed into the darkness during the chaos.

Exhausted, the party returned to their inn to rest and recover. Over the next few days they worked on a few projects- Argent deconstructed the field communication device to discover that it did not hold any means of being listened in on. Adonia and Grouse made initial business overtures to the Richten brothers of the Dynamic Dirigible Company of Nantyr for the construction of a custom craft to be infused with potent magics, and learned that the Gnomes are open to a business deal, assuming that Argent could teach some mages to employ similar techniques for them in the future, could acquire rare mystical ingredients to power such spells, could arrange for them to get solid contracts with the military, and could arrange for Rego Trysain to use the dirigibles as part of his big revelation at the Exposition.

Lieutenant Commander Sasumon arrived, and the Quiet Men share with her the information from Adonia about a powerful conspiracy amongst several noble houses, who are using the The Devotees of the Hour and their personal influence to subtly work towards the resurrection of the Dragon gods and their own transformation into a superior draconic race. Sasumon leaves to consider their options, and to arrange to privately warn Emperor Menes.

The following day Timith arrives, and gives the party an invitation o have dinner with Rego Trysian, now that he has arrived in town. The group goes, though Adonia uses a potion to obscure her identity. During dinner Rego is quite polite, and tells them that he got word that their group had acquired a dragon egg while in the ruins outside of Abdera. He is quite interested in purchasing it, and mentioned having 30,000 gold on hand if they could help him acquire it. The group told him they had turned the egg in to their superiors, and would look into it’s location. Adonia took a look around, on her way to the toilet. She took note of a small altar to his dead wife. She seemed disturbed to see her pictures so well cared for, but returned before his absence would be noted. Before parting, the team did mention the Dynamic Dirigible Company of Nantyr, and encouraged him to use their vessels for his big presentation. While he told them that his presentation would change the very nature of life in the Empire, he would not share what it was he was showing.

The Quiet Men made their way home in Rego’s carriage, and then set Argent to work on a fake dragon egg, which Sasumon would have worked into the military inventory to delay and distract Rego’s search for the real egg.


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