The Age of Man

Episode 8- Far and Near

We began our story far to the south, in the depths if the Shifting Desert. A group of champions from each of the major goblin tribes, each in service to one of the human gods, had journeyed to a temple built to house the myriad crude idols of the goblin deities. They had come in search of a stolen relic from the Temple of Seshat, which they hoped would be the key to breaking the goblin curse and freeing their people from being born into savagery.
Led by the goblin priestess Oxoginia, the group disabled the last of the traps preventing access to the relic. They picked up the relic as the sounds of enemies approached. Ogres from the southern desert and vile goblin necromancers flooded into the chamber to spring their trap. The initial onslaught was brutal enough that the heroes feared they might fail in their task. As they fought their way toward escape, Azog (the Orcish follower of Sokar) caught site of something strange in the mirror near the wall- his reflection moved on its own, reaching out of the mirror to grab a strange box on the floor. The strange reflection shouted to them that if they had no other choice, they could hand the relic to it, so it could be spirited to safety.
Having little faith that this strange creature would keep its word, the group redoubled their efforts and began to make headway, slaying the ogre and the monstrosity assembled from dozens of dead goblin parts. As they pushed toward the hallway that lead out of the temple, another surprise appeared- a powerful Dragonborn sorcerer appeared to block their path. Wearing an odd symbol of a black eye on a black field, it called ice and fire to block their way, as spectral hobgoblins flickered in and out of sight, striking at their flanks.
Purk, the Rat Master of Satet, charged forward, his rats driving into the Dragonborn before him. He forged an opening for his companions, even as they hacked him to bits. Urlau the Gnoll also gave her life, refusing to give up the flank so that Oxoginia would remain safe. Their sacrifices allowed the rest of the goblin champions to flee the temple and begin the long dangerous journey home.

Meanwhile, our Quiet Men were making their way south along the river to the city of Garshen. On their journey, Oz seemed withdrawn and contemplative. He often inspected his arm closely in the firelight before turning in, obviously unhappy with what he saw, but unwilling to discuss it.
When they arrived in Garshen, the city was bustling with the preparations for the Empire Exposition, a quadrennial event that showcases the latest advances of art, science, magic, and philosophy. Less than a month remains until this huge event, which will draw people from across the Empire, and even from distant kingdoms around the world.
The party received their pay, and were encouraged to relax and enjoy the city for a while after their recent struggles. They passed on the option to remain within the military barracks, and acquired rooms in a nicely appointed inn to enjoy their free time. Valentine was called by the church of Sokar to aid them on a project, and sent word that he would return when he could. Grouse began to perform around the city, spreading tales of his master Argent, while harvesting rumors and fans alike.
The city is putting much of its efforts towards the Exposition into the building of the Skyfire Observatory, which will allow scholars to unravel the mysteries of the prescient reflections of the Aurora that appear in the Borealis Lake. There is also a great deal of buzz about Rego Trysain, whose family is expected to reveal something that will ‘revolutionize the way of life in the Empire.’
Argent has begun to meet with scholars of magic, giving his odd insights into their field. Grouse has built a large following, and caught the eye of the small goblin population in the city. Oz spends most of his days in meditation, the smell of sulphur and minerals wafting from his room. Adonia has acquired a number of disguises and outfits, and spends her days subtly exploring the city.


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