The Age of Man

Episode 7- The Star Beast

The Quiet Men’s initial foray into the cavern of the Star Beast resulted in a brutal battle, but armed with the information Adonia was able to provide about the nature of the creature’s shifting forms they were able to acquire enough of the heart of the meteor for their purposes. After resting and recovering, Adonia fashioned charms that would allow them to penetrate the defenses of the beast, and so they returned to see it destroyed.
After defeating the beast in it’s initial form of twisting and shifting crystal, it exploded into whirling clouds of razor sharp fragments, that slowly spread throughout the cavern. The heroes retreated into the mouth of the cavern to draw the clouds away from the glowing pillars that seemed to cause them to reproduce. Oz and Valentine held the cave entrance while the rest of the party hurled ranged attacks in coordinated bursts that finally winnowed the swirling masses. At last, they coalesced into three tangible forms that made a final, feeble attempt to cling to life. The Quiet Men struck them down, and gathered around the heart of the meteor that housed the star beast.
In the discussion about what to do with the meteor it became clear that Oz had some knowledge of the beast, and that his knowledge filled him with fear. He would not countenance any solution but the wholesale destruction of the creature, to insure that it would not bring ruin upon the world. Once again, Argent was denied a power source for a great creation of magic, and the heart of the star beast was destroyed.


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