The Age of Man

Episode 17- Artifact Aquisition Montage

The next few months pass in a blur, as the Quiet Men use the airship to track down the remaining artifacts needed to purchase their own private and customized vessel from the Dynamic Dirigible Company of Nantyr:
We see Argent opening the puzzle box, and receiving a memory of standing in a strange open air temple when the sun sets abruptly. Night passes and then day at an ever increasing pace until the days pass in brief flickers before the memory fades out.
The airship passes over the desert in search of Ankheg royal jelly, coming to rest above a cluster of giant aphids as they eat their way through a patch of vegetation. They pool their knowledge- knowing that the Aphids secrete an energy rich dew that the Ankheg harvest for food, they prepare a poison that will leave the Aphids untouched but drive the Ankheg to madness. The plan works, and the Quiet Men make their way into the hive, passing the torn and dismembered bodies of most of the colony. In the Ankheg Queen’s lair they do battle with the most potent and loyal of the Ankhegs and dispatch the Queen herself. While loading up casks of royal jelly, they discover the unconscious bodies of several Goblins who seem dressed in the civilized garb of the Empire. When awakened they prove to be the remnants of a group of Empire loyal Goblins who were sent to recover an artifact of the Goddesses of Night from a temple in the southern Shifting Desert (their adventures were highlighted in Episode 8). They believe that if they can acquire the statue of the Gods of Day as well that it can be used to free the Goblin tribes from the curse. It seems that the curse was actually leveled against the Annunaki themselves, but that the artifacts were used to redirect it to their loyal followers instead. Argent recalls seeing the statue in his Tower, but since he cannot recall how to enter the tower he keeps it to himself.
We see Adonia using her gift to see her companions’ futures- Before she sees the images of their future she sees a brief glimpse into their counterparts in the alternate world: The once savage version of Valentine glowing with the light of Sokar as he and the starfire infected Oz lead soldiers of the Red Tide on a march into Morne, and General Goran working with Argent to determine what would be needed to drive the gods from their world.
The sounds of Redd barking in the hold brings the party running to find some of the Gnomish crew standing hypnotized before the statue, near where some dirt has obscured one of the protective sigils. The dirt is removed and the crew returned to normal without much trouble.
The Quiet Men are locked in a snowy mountain battle against four huge worms, who radiate intense heat that they use to burrow through the ice and snow. As they cut down the first two, the ground rumbles and the Legendary Remorhaz of Giantsdoom Peak burrows up beneath the party to protect her children, and the true fight begins. As the beast is slain, and begins to sink into the ice pack, Oz leaps into the carcass to carve out its burning heart.
The airship returns them to the frontier city of Nantyr, to deliver their goods to the Gnomes and begin construction on their own vessel, using the Dragon egg found in Sin’s temple to infuse it with power (and adding the heart of the Remorhaz as its furnace). The artifacts they acquired will be used to empower other vehicles for the Gnomes own purposes.



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