The Age of Man

Episode 15- Off to Sea

Before leaving the temple, the Quiet Men listened to a few of the stories of the other people as they awoke. Many sat in silent darkness for the whole time, while others told tales of varying strangeness about their day in another version of this world. They spotted Naomi Trysain among the slumbering victims of the Possibility Beast, but when she finally admitted to being awake she claimed to have seen only darkness.
After their return to the inn, Lieutenant Commander Sasumon came with detaisl of a mission- the Quiet Men would head to the Ikurli Islands, to find out what has become of the wizard Gerard Gamble and the ambassador (Hugh Barrow) that were sent to create a permanent teleportation site that would enable regular trade to the distant islands. Since the islands hold one of the items the Dynamic Dirigible Company desired in exchange for a custom built airship, the party arranged for the use of a standard airship to retrieve it while on their mission.
During their travel, Argent prepared a mystical gem that would allow rudimentary understanding of the native tongue. They made contact with the Ngati Maru, the tribe Gamble had been negotiating with, and found Hugh Barrow to be safe with them. A rival tribe, the Ngati Tama had kidnapped Gamble and many of the tribe’s children and taken them to the cursed islands to the south. The Quiet Men agreed to make rescuing the children their first priority in exchange for the Maru launching a distracting attack to leave the village stripped of some of its defenders.
Taking the dirigible silently from the southern edge of the islands, they slipped as close to the village as possible before setting out on foot. As they grew close to the village they drew the attention of some outlying guards and engaged in a quick fight to kill them. The last of the warriors surrendered, and outside the heat of combat it is clear that he is ill in some way. His skin has a damp, waxy quality to it and his pupils are wide and glassy. As the session ended, the prisoner is preparing to lead them to the children.


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