The Age of Man

Episode 13- A Trip To The Zoo

Celestial Event- Palith continues to be devoured by Caiphon

While keeping an eye on Rego Trysain’s manor house, Adonia literally ran into a man deliver a stack of hats to a nearby haberdasher. When he had left, the reflection of Caiphon’s purple light reflected in a puddle drew her eye to an envelope laying on the street. Opening it up, she found 5 tickets to the opening of the Zoo’s ‘Possibility Beast’ later that afternoon.

She returned to find Valentine feeding Red, the dog that he recently acquired (and not a shapeshifting assassin- really), while the rest of the team relaxed inside. She shared the tickets with them, and they set off to see the show.

At the Zoo, they stood in line for some time, winding their way through the grounds of The Morgan Master’s Menagerie of Magnificent Merrymakers and Monsters. In the cages and open air preserves they caught sight of massive bears with pure white fur, a monstrous beetle the size of a small horse, and a tentacled panther that seemed to pace just outside its own cage.

Eventually the line brought them to a large mesh cage, and keen eyes caught sight of mystic runes that seemed to ward the fine mesh even further. At first glance, the creature inside the cage seemed to be a small rodent, but as they watched it suddenly became a brightly colored bird and flew to the top of the cage. A short moment later it was dropping to the ground as a badger. A professor from the College of Natural Sciences gave a brief presentation about how experiments into serendipity and probability had gone awry, and this creature was the unexpected result of the accident- a creature that shifted through all possible forms. It is no mere shape shifting, but a fundamental change in its reality, and even its history. As the beast continued to swap forms, great lenses were put into place around it, to aid in study as well as to allow onlookers to get better views.

The Possibility Beast then transformed into a strange, almost bird shape formed of purplish light, and as the lenses played that light across the crowd the Quiet Men felt strangely disoriented. Suddenly, the world slipped sideways…


dspaulding dspaulding

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