The Age of Man

Episode 12- A Golem Promise

Adonia’s scouting uncovered the location of a camp belonging to Trysian a half day’s ride from the city. The Quiet Men rode out to investigate, and were able to determine that Oz’s theory was correct- Rego Trysain was preparing to reveal that he has a military force of sentient golems.

They returned to the city to discuss what they had found, and Adonia shared further information- the families involved in the conspiracy were some of the first conquered by the Dragonborn, and had risen to have a great deal of influence even while suffering under the yoke of slavery. Their conspiracy to evolve into the perfect servants of the Dragon Gods had begun before the old Empire fell, and during the revolts, they were placed in positions that gave them great opportunity to earn places of importance within the new human empire. The party agreed that a military strike against the Emperor was much less likely than a long term strategy of replacing the military might of the Empire with their own creations, so that when the time came, there was no need to defeat the empire, they would already control it.

Lieutenant Commander Sasumon arranged a meeting with Emperor Menes, and the Quiet Men met with him in an unassuming home, where he received them privately. He seemed to accept their suspicions, and indicated that some of the political maneuvers he has seen take on a darker implication now, and that his plans to retire in the near future would have to be delayed. He also made it clear that he was aware of the Fluid, and trusted their loyalty to the Empire.

The Quiet Men were asked to watch over the Emperor during both the dedication of the Skyfire Observatory as well as Rego’s presentation. Argent was able to sense that a member of the Fluid was standing in for the Emperor. Both went smoothly, though there were signs of coordinated goblin activities within the crowd at Rego’s presentation. Rego presented 100 soldiers to the Empire, and promised many more- so that the Empire could grow, remain secure, and focus on arts, science, and philosophy rather than war.


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