The Age of Man

Episode 1- Setup

The Quiet Men were handling a series of routine jobs, traveling west toward the edge of the Empire, when they received a communication from Lieutenant Commander Sasumon, who ordered them to investigate some items recovered in the outpost town of Abdera. Mayor Orestes had ordered the expansion of their irrigation ditches, and the entrance to an old Dragonborn temple was discovered. While such a find would normally be of interest, the fact that the temple appeared to have been sealed and hidden before the fall of the Dragonborn Gods is of particular concern. The Mayor is storing the items initially uncovered, and is awaiting aid before exploring further.

As they traveled through the woods within a day’s ride of Abdera, Katharos spotted an area where a naturally good ambush position seemed to have been subtly improved to be an even better trap. When he drew closer to investigate, the leader of a band of Elven bandits sought to extort an exorbitant toll from them. When they revealed that they were part of the military, the haughty bandits raised the price and sprang the trap.

The bandits had the advantage of good positioning and preparation, and their brutal opening moves threatened to overwhelm the party even though they sought to avoid fatal blows. The Quiet Men rallied, protecting their fallen friend and working together to take down most of the band. The leader and one of the archers escaped, while the other four were taken captive.

The party was able to spot the tracks of the leader, but decided to take their prisoners in town to interrogate them rather than abandoning their horses (and prisoners) to follow deeper into the woods.

Shae close


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